IRS Refund Information - Where is My Refund?

Need IRS refund information? You filed your tax return, and now you're asking "where is my refund"? Here are some obvious reasons why you may have not yet received your tax refund:

Reason #1:Did you file a tax return? This one seems obvious, but you would be surprised how many people look for IRS refund information who simply forgot to put their tax return in the mail. Perhaps they met with their tax preparer, signed the tax return, and forgot to mail it - now they're asking where is my refund? Simply put: No tax return, no refund! Still, the "IRS refund - where is My Refund?" information link below should help you determine if this is what happened. However, I recommend that you continue reading to make sure you've got all your bases covered before you try that link.

Reason #2: Did you mail your tax return to the correct address? Ouch! This happens a lot. Most of the time, the IRS is still able to process your tax return... EVENTUALLY. Expect Delays! Again, see the IRS refund - Where is My Refund? information link at the bottom of this page.

Reason #3:Did the name on your tax return match the information in the Social Security database (ie. as displayed on your Social Security Card)? If it didn't, no wonder you're asking yourself "where is my refund?"

Example 1: You have married as many times as Johnny Carson or Liz Taylor and changed your name one or several times in the process. Hey, no worries, this is America, after all! Just please do not forget to update your Social Security records!

Example 2: Perhaps your parents gave you one to six middle names and included a choice of last names for good measure. Fine, but if your social security number information shows Johnathan Salvador De Perez-Black and you put "John S. Black" on your tax return, it would hardly be fair to blame the IRS for getting a little confused. Expect delays!

Reason #4: Did you or your spouse owe back taxes, penalties or interest to the IRS? As cruel and insensitive as it might sound, the IRS would very much like to have their money before returning any overpayment to you. Your're not to surprised, I would think. What you might find surprising is that this also appertains to any back taxes owed by your spouse if your filing status was "married filing jointly."

Reason #5: Did you change your mailing address and forgot to tell the IRS? No comment here, this one is obvious! Where is my refund? Check your old location!

I am mentioning the the above reasons for tax refund delays because they are in fact ...very common. Keeping them in mind might help you when you check for the status on your IRS refund.

Fortunately, whether or not any of the above apply to you, IRS refund information is readily available on the internet!

The link appearing toward the bottom of this page will take you straight into the "lion's den". After all, who would be better able to provide IRS refund information than the Service itself? And don't worry, visiting their site will not mean that they'll audit you. ;) I know, that might sound like an accountant's joke, but it is my experience that people really do worry about things like that.

In fact, previously you would have to call or write them to get your IRS refund information. Now, their computer looks up the information in a few seconds. They even have a link that says Where is My Refund? I like the new and friendlier IRS!

But hold your horses! Before you use that link, please note that in order to get IRS refund information from this link, you need to have the following information ready:

Info needed to get IRS Refund Information:

  • Your social security number.
  • Your filing status (eg. Single, Married filing jointly or Head of Household.
  • The excact amount of the tax refund claimed on your tax return. This is usually rounded off to the nearest dollar.

When you have this information in front of you, click on the following link to check the status of your refund (Click on the link that says Where is My Refund):

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